Sent to us by Frank Roche 67-69

Just where is this line?  I never saw it but they told me I crossed it not once but four times

aboard the WILHOITE.  On WestPac cruises both going and coming from Pearl Harbor we crossed

the International Date Line.  WOW!!! Now you are probably saying what's the big deal.  Well the big

deal is this, we always crossed it on Sunday.  That meant we had two days in a row off.


No turning to (except if you had to stand watch).  Just time for yourself to do as you wished.  Sleeping in,

playing cards, reading, listening to music or just plain relaxing.  I don't  remember speeding up o r

slowing down to get there but get there we did.   A big thank you to Captain Hays and Captain Griffin

(my Commanding Officers) for their navigational skill in getting us to the International Date Line on a

Sunday.  WOW!!!!