Sent by Frank Roche

On June 6, 1944 the amphibious invasion of Normandy began.  Using "Higgins boats," the flat-bottomed LCVP's (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) the United States Navy transported all the men and material to the beach.  It was one of the most costly Allied victories of World War II.  One thousand sixty eight (1,068) American sailors were killed during the landings. The Naval Order learned that of all the branches of the Armed Forces that fought there, the United States Navy was the only one without a tribute.  That all changed on 27 September 2008 when the Navy D-Day NORMANDY MONUMENT was dedicated.  It is a fitting tribute to the service and sacrifices of the United States Navy at Utah Beach, Normandy, France.  A big thumbs up to the Navy Order.


For more information on The Naval Order and the availability of the special DVD Navy Heroes of Normandy go to http://www.navalorder.org/